Difficult though it may be to comprehend, there are a number of starforts around the world that history has passed by so comprehensively that they are but an unnamed spot on the map. Satellite imagery shows us that there are starforts (or what's left of them) at various locations, but the Internet is conspicuously unhelpful as to their identification.
As these sad starforts are discovered, they'll be posted on this page with what little information can be found about them. Ultimately, it would be dandy if this page could act as a sort of Clearing House, where Mysterious Starforts could be identified, thus enhancing the Internet and all of our lives immeasurably.

Should you recognize any of the Mysterious Starforts on this page and have any more information about them than you see here, or if you know of another Mysterious Starfort, you would be doing the universe an enormous solid if you were to contact me and let us know! Please & thank you!

There are currently no unidentified starforts anywhere in the world! Rest assured that we are laboring heroically to unearth more unidentified starforts, so that this page might have a purpose.

In the meantime, perhaps you'll check out Novo-Alexandrovskiy Fort, which had been on this page until it was identified and dragged into the light of day!