The rating for starforts I've visited is a 10-point scale, based on five criteria. Here is the breakdown for the score I gave for my visit to Fort Caroline:
  • Condition of fort: 8 Fort Caroline was reconstructed in 1964, and has been lovingly tended ever since. The only aspect that lost a couple of points was the condition of the moat, which was juuust deep enough to support some small fishies, but was overall a sorry affair indeed (although surely we can blame the Timucuan Indians for that, since they dug the original moat).

  • Ease of Access: 10 Fort Caroline National Park was open and beautiful, and the fort itself was ready to be clambered upon. A sign or two asked visitors to honor the memory of the original settlers by not climbing on things, but one has full access to all walls and platforms, and the fort is circumnavigable.

  • Presentation: 9 Informational signs were plentiful in and around the fort, though not intrusive to the experience. Rangers at the Visitor's Center were friendly and knowledgable (as Rangers generally are). I was subjected to perhaps more information about the Timucuan Indians than I really cared for at the Visitor's Center museum, though that's understandable because they were there first and all.

  • Gift Shop: 9 Fort Caroline's gift shop was small, but loaded with good stuff. I always look for items specific to the fort, particularly those that in some way display the fort's shape, and I was not disappointed. T-shirts were available in a variety of colors, and of the six starfort t-shirts that I purchased over that week of starforting, the Fort Caroline shirt is definitely the coolest. My only frowny moment came when a print of an early settler's drawing of the fort, which was on display, was no longer available for purchase...though the Rangers were very apologetic about this.

  • Getting there: 9 This park is a little bit off the beaten track, but GPS is a wonderful thing.