And, finally, we see what is at the end of the rainbow. The room in which powder might be kept is instead the home of four folding chairs, a notable pile of beer-related detritus, and somebody's grey Nike shirt. I hadn't put the words local and youths together in my mind until I beheld this outrage. An historic starfort, used as a secret hangout spot for beer-swilling punk teenagers?

My first reaction was a desire to collect these chairs and stack them outside at the fort's entrance. As this would involve effort on my part, this plan was swiftly decided against. In the end I just decided to say snarky things about those who would defile such a hallowed place in this fashion...but, really. In a sense, this speaks to the role that Fort George plays in its local community today. Its parade ground serves as a soccer field and baseball diamond and, if the town of Castine can't manage to secure the site properly, its remaining structures serve as hideouts for the older kids.