And this is where the massacre started. There are substantially differing accounts of what led to the British slaughter of most of Fort Griswold's troops after they had surrendered.

In one account, American troops on the south wall were unaware that the British had made it through the main gate and Colonel Ledyard had surrendered, so they kept on fighting. The British, seeing this and thinking the Americans hadn't really surrendered, continued the attack, hacking down Ledyard (with his own sword). Okay maybe, but surely one is aware of the difference when one is killing an unarmed foe with his hands up, as opposed to an un-unarmed foe who is actively defending himself with belligerent intent.

Other accounts include none other than Benedict Arnold himself (who did play a major role in the planning and execution of the attacks on Fort Griswold and Fort Trumbull) plunging the sword into Ledyard's chest and ordering the immediate death of the poor, peace-loving Americans. Regardless of who told the story, it still wound up with the needless slaughter of defenseless American troops.