The second most prominent example of flora at Fort Monroe (after grass) is cacti! These charming cacti pop their cheerful little heads up all over the place at the outer edges of the fort: Along the top of the walls and what's left of the Water Battery most of all.

When I visited the fort in June of '12, I decided to borrow a cactus and see if I could get it to grow in my yard (even though I don't have a Water Battery). I gently removed it from its perch and was carrying it back to my car when I spotted a Port-a-Potty, of which I was in desperate need. I placed my freed cactus atop a nearby trash can and utilized the facility. When I emereged back into the sunlight, I saw a young dude walking off with my cactus! I called after him in a friendly fashion and retrieved "my" property. He said, "Sorry, man! I just saw it on the trash can with nobody around and thought, Cool! Free cactus!"

As of this writing, the cactus in question has decided that it likes living in my yard! It has thus far grown an extra ear! Further bulletins as events warrant.