The Fort Niagara Light, which was first lit in 1872. A light tower had been erected atop the French Castle in 1782, but was removed to make more room for officers' quarters. This lighthouse operated until 1993, when it was replaced by a light beacon at US Coast Guard Station Niagara.

When I arrived at Fort Niagara, I parked just in front of the tower (as one can plainly see), with the intention of it being the last thing I would explore before leaving...the lightouse being open to the public. Perhaps this was a mistake, as the lighthouse was CLOSED by the time I was ready to check it out, but...when one arrives at an historic location and has the choice of immediately investigating a lighthouse or a starfort, what kind of freak would choose the lighthouse?!?! Don't get me wrong, lighthouses are cool, but they're no starforts, and my license plate doesn't say LITEHS.