See the red portion of that sign? It quite clearly says CLOSED. See those people in the not-barricaded parking lot? That quite clearly says OPEN. I did return to Fort Pike in 2018, hoping to luck into another secretly-open situation, but that parking lot, and the entire fort for that matter, were locked up tight.

Interestingly, the gun on this sign is a Model 1846 32-pounder Seacoast Cannon, which was the standard arm of America's coastal defenses leading up to the Civil War...but our fort predates this gun (Fort Pike was completed in 1826), and the only (reproduction) guns on display today at the fort are Civil War-era Rodman Guns. Gotcha, Louisiana! Betcha didn't expect anyone to be that pedantic!

Oh, do stop it, Mr. Webmaster. As an active installation, Fort Pike was certainly armed with those Models of 1846 prior to the Civil War...and likely during the Civil War.