During the US Civil War, Fort Delaware was not called upon to defend Wilmington or Philadelphia from a marauding Confederate fleet...but it was perfectly positioned to serve as a POW camp! A great many Confederate prisoners were kept at Fort Delaware, at first in sealed-off casemates within the fort itself, but later in an astounding array of semi-temporary bungalows and other unpleasant structures. Some prisoners were even kept in these teeny little alcoves on either side of the fort's main gate, which is what we're looking at here. Supposedly some Confederate prisoners' names are still visible herein, carved on the walls...but what I was looking at was the net, which is used to gently remove bats from the premesis.

There's actually a great deal of concern about the bats that live on Pea Patch Island. A fungal growth known as White Nose Syndrome has infected the bats of Pea Patch, and one is informed at great length about both this syndrome and the means by which one is expected to not bring it back with them to the mainland.