Fort Trumbull
New London, Connecticut
Visited 5.02.13
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To me, a starfort should be the #1 priority of my state/and/or/federal government, even in this age when a starfort is nothing but a fascinating historical artifact. As such, each and every American starfort should be open and fully staffed year 'round, with the possible exception of Christmas. I guess. My state/and/or/federal government disagrees with me on this point, however, and therefore I often seem to find myself dejectedly standing at the locked gate of a starfort that I have driven fourteen thousand miles to visit.

Whose fault is this? Well of course it is mine. As you've surely guessed by now, Fort Trumbull was indeed closed when I made it to New London, Connecticut, on May 2nd. It opens seasonally on May 21, so why didn't I just hunker down in my car, living off of fishycrackers and Monster Drinks for 19 days, you may well ask? I am right now asking myself that very question.

Although I wasn't able to get 100% of myself into Fort Trumbull, I did manage to get some peeks inside.

New London was a delightful, historic, compact little city to drive through, and Fort Trumbull State Park was lushly green and seemed expansive, though it's a pretty small park. I had an opportunity to dip my toes in the Thames River on some rocks near the fort, to which only a local swan objected.

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