Oh good, you're saying, another tunnel leading to a casemate. Just what I needed to see. Again. But hang on, Mr. (or Ms., but probably Mr.) Sarcasm, look down! See that channel along the bottom of the tunnel? That is something unique to Forts Pike and Macomb, and something new under the sun to me when I delightedly discovered it: A Bernardian drainage system!

Simon Bernard, French Engineer and Father of the American Starfort, designed many of the first forts built during America's Third System of Seacoast Defense, but Forts Pike and Macomb were arguably the first design he created for this system. Understanding that rising and falling water would be a constant challenge faced by these forts, Bernard arranged for both to have an ingenious drainage system: With two of these channels in each fort, the offending water would just flow right out of the forts! Effortless! Simple! And ultimately dumb as dirt, because it was soon discovered that water is perfectly happy to flow in either direction, and convenient holes and channels leading into these forts had predictable results. As the Louisiana State Park Ranger who was on hand at Fort Pike pointed out when I excitedly queried him about these channels, Forts Pike and Macomb were where Bernard "made his mistakes."